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Marengo High Launches 10 for 10


Marengo High Launches 10 for 10

Nationwide, hundreds of thousands of schools are faced with rising operational costs and dwindling revenues.

With recent budget cuts and the expected onslaught of more budget shortfalls, Marengo High School has gotten creative with fundraising at the school.

In September, the school introduced its 10 for 10 Club, asking all parents, teachers, alumni and friends to join by pledging $10 for 10 months.

The monies will be used to help offset debt and fund daily operations at the school.

When it was barely two weeks old, the club already had more than 100 members who have collectively pledged $10,000 to the school.

The first pledges began rolling in the first week in October and the school expects to being in more than $1,000 through 10 for 10 membership pledges very soon.

The school began with 150 commitments but the school's goal by year's end is 500 members.

As stated by principal Miller, "Our goal of 500 members will go a long way in bridging financial gaps through the academic year."