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Marengo High School Gudiance and Counseling Mission Statement

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Marengo High School believes that counseling and guidance is an essential part of the total instructional program. Each student has the right to respect and dignity as a human being and to the guidance and counseling described in the state and local plan without regard to person, belief, character, or race.

Counseling and guidance is for all students, and its purpose is to assist each individual in attaining his/her maximum potential in personal/social, educational, and career/vocational development.

A developmental guidance and counseling program is an essential component of the total instructional program through which students have maximum opportunity for development. Developmental guidance and counseling involves a planned, purposeful, and sequential program of activities. Developmental activities will be designed to facilitate the total development of students in all areas-person/social, educational, and career/vocational. Other activities will be provided to assist students in overcoming difficulties that impede personal/social effectiveness, educational progress, and career/vocational competence.

To be most effective, a comprehensive guidance and counseling program should be holistic and developmental. The counseling in Marengo High School provides for the following services: career counseling, preventive group guidance activities, individual and group counseling, consultation, referrals to community agencies, crisis intervention, at-risk counseling, assessment, placement, and follow-up.

The goals of our program are to assure that students will show increased positive self-esteem, improved decision-making skills, more satisfying personal/social relationships, greater academic success, an improved ability to enter the world of work, and hopefully, increased success in life.

At Marengo High School, we believe that our objective is to assist all individuals to develop their potential through developmental assistance for all and specialized assistance for students with unique needs.

We strive to help all students obtain knowledge of self and others, maintain educational goals, and design career plans. Students are assisted in overcoming difficulties that impede educational progress, personal and social effectiveness, and career and vocational development.