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Shuronda Agee-Ward Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
1 Physical Education




  • Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education
  • Master of Education
  • Educational Specialist
  • Highly Qualified Teacher




I started my career in 2000.  I taught 4th grade my first year and 6th grade reading.  In 2001, I was moved to third grade.  I taught third grade for seven years.  I was moved to second grade for the 2008-2009 school year.  I am enjoying second grade and hope to spend many prosperous years in second grade.  I have enjoyed second grade for two years and now I am back home in my third grade classroom.




I am excited about being a teacher.  It has always been my dream to inspire our youth today the same way I was inspired.  Children have always held a special place in my heart, no matter how old or how young. 

I am a native of Marengo County.  I am the mother of two terrific sons.  I attended Marengo High School from kindergatern to twelveth grade.  Today, I am and have been a teacher here since 2000 and hope to spend many more prosperous years here.  It means a whole lot to carry on the momentum of your own alma mater.